Ranter Radicals: A Heritage service this Sunday

Reading the bible in prisonWith a General Election looming this month's service explores how the faith journeys of people in times past carried them into the political arena. Many Primitive Methodists were influential in the trade union movement, whilst later generations spoke out against war, racism and the prevalence of poverty in the world. However, 'Christian' voices have also been raised in support of slavery, and against women's rights to name just two areas that might make the modern thinker wince. So where does this leave today's Christian? Shunning all politics and worldly influences, on the front lines of political engagement or somewhere else entirely?

Whatever your political persuasion, please join us for a thoughtful heritage service this Sunday, the 25th April at 2.30 p.m. How you mark your ballot paper is up to you but arguably the cross has an important part to play.

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